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Macaw Parrots Macaws are playful and active and have an exuberant personality to match their size. Most species are colorful New World parrots native to Mexico and South America. Macaws are a group of New World parrots that are long-tailed and often colorful. They are popular in aviculture or as companion parrots, although there are conservation concerns about several species in the wild


Amazon parrots are parrots in the genus Amazona. They are medium-sized, short-tailed parrots native to the Americas, with their range extending from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Amazona is one of the 92 genera of parrots that make up the order Psittaciformes and is in the family Psittacidae, one of three families of true parrots. It contains about thirty species. Most amazons are predominantly green, with accenting colors that depend on the species and can be quite vivid. They feed primarily on seeds, nuts, and fruits, supplemented by leafy matter.

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We keep them in cages in our homes, but in their natural state, they are independent birds who can seek out water over hundreds of miles through pure instinct. We feed them seeds from a pet store, but they can find food in a wide variety of habitats. We give them plastic toys and mirrors to play with when in fact in the wild some have figured out how to use tools to communiparrote and attract mates. parrots for sale


Welcome to Pet Parrots Shop. Your one stop online shop for the most adorable parrots you can find. We have a wide collection of these charming birds; we have several species available such as the amazon, african grey, electus, macaw etc. We also have parrot eggs for sale available on our store. All our parrots are super birds and in good health, vet checked and ready for adoption. They are properly trained and will make great home companions


You can return your parrot to us after purchase and also ask for another in exchange


We give out our parrots at the most affordable market prices


Our parrots are bred from healthy parents and have champion bloodlines


We do follow-ups with our clients after puchase to help them with their new pet.


All our birds are up to date with their vaccinations.


Our parrots are well-trained, they can easily blend into a new home.

marryon coco
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i highly recommended this parrot shop with 100% home delivery of their tamed parrots mine arrives within 3 days of…
Lee Ray
Lee Rayon Bonded pair male and female macaws
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Great business with a lot of knowledge, friendly and respectful towards customers. And our black headed Caique, Mali is happy…
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All in all with a good feeling home. I highly recommend this store with their good knowledge when you come…
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